About HPDF

Ho Chi Minh City Peace & Development Foundation (Foundation) is an organization within the Ho Chi Minh City Union of Friendship Organizations (HUFO). The Foundation was established on 14/01/2005, and operates on a voluntary and non-profit basis.

Our values and goals

Ho Chi Minh City Peace & Development Foundation works to promote the participation and contribution among the community, local and foreign partners to the peace, development and international integration of the country, especially of Ho Chi Minh City.

Our activities

Join the peace and development activities of Ho Chi Minh City in general and of the Ho Chi Minh City Union of Friendship Organizations in particular.

Cooperate and co-organize relevant activities with the Ho Chi Minh City’s Peace Committee to promote public attention and contribution to the peace and security of the country as well as the stability and safety of society.

Organize activities such as workshops, seminars, talks, information and knowledge sharing on immediate or long-term issues that affect the peace and development of the country.

Cooperation with partners at home and abroad through specific activities or programmes – projects, in order to raise social awareness about the value of peace in justice and sustainable development.


The Ho Chi Minh City Peace Committee (HPC) is an organization in Ho Chi Minh City, a member of the Ho Chi Minh City Union of Friendship Organizations (HUFO) and Vietnam Peace Committee. HPC was established according to Decision no. 228/QĐ-UB dated on 26/06/1990 by Ho Chi Minh City People’s Committee, and operates on a voluntary and non-profit basis, and in accordance with the rules and regulations set forth by Vietnam Peace Committee.

Scope of activities

The HPC’s functions are extensive set of classes of people in Ho Chi Minh City activities for the purpose of peace and social progress.

  • Promote solidarity and support the struggle of peoples for peace, national independence, democracy, cooperation, development and social progress
  • Contribute to the implementation of programs related to peace, friendship, cooperation and humanitarian, development, environmental protection, poverty reduction.
  • Join studies of information on issues of peace, cooperation and development for extensive process of international integration of our country.




Friends from near and far, welcome to the Ho Chi Minh City Peace & Development Foundation (HPDF)!

We live in a fast-changing globalizing world with many anxieties about peace and security, especially human security, a world both shining with bright horizons of creativity and innovation, and darkened with life and death threats to the Earth and man’s living environment. We thus cannot remain indifferent, we must care, inquire and act responsibly for what is right and for a brighter future for the Earth, for everyone, and for ourselves and our children.
With such awareness and motivation, the Ho Chi Minh City Peace & Development Foundation strives for:

  • worldof peace with nature and among humankind,
  • Viet Namwhose development tends to present as well as future generations,
  • A fair and humane societywhere true happiness is possible for each and every one.

Let us – individuals and organizations – together help build a thorough understanding and enlightened awareness through communication and advocacy, seminars and workshops aimed at multidimensional exchange, and solidarity projects and actions.

Ho Chi Minh City Peace & Development Foundation welcomes expressions of interest, suggestions, and relevant forms of support and cooperation!


Mrs. Nguyễn Thị Mỹ Tiên

Permanent Vice President, HCMC Peace and Development Foundation (HPDF)

Former General Secretary, The HCMC Union of Friendship Organizations (HUFO)

Mr. Bùi Bá Bình

Vice President, HCMC Peace and Development Foundation

Former Head of Southern Representative Office of The Vietnam Union of Friendship Organizations

Monk Thích Thiện Tâm

Vice President of Ho Chi Minh City Peace Committee

Vice President of Vietnam Buddhist Sangha

Mrs. Huỳnh Ngọc Vân

Senior Advisor, Ao Dai Museum

Former Vice president of Ho Chi Minh City Peace Committee

Former Director of War Remnants Museum

Mrs. Ngô Thị Phương Thiện

Secretary General of Ho Chi Minh City Peace Committee

Former Lecturer, Ho Chi Minh City University of Social Sciences and Humanity

Mr. Nguyễn Bá Sơn

Director, Viet Nam Society of International Law; Former Director General of the Department of International Law, Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Former Ambassador of Viet Nam to the Federal Republic of Germany

Mrs. Lê Kim Hồng

Former Official of the Department of Cultural Diplomacy and UNESCO, Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Mrs. Phan Minh Nguyệt

Secretary, Ho Chi Minh City Peace & Development Foundation (HPDF)

Deputy Head of International Relations Department, Ho Chi Minh City Union of Friendship Organizations

Vice Chairwoman cum Secretary General, The Ho Chi Minh City’s Vietnam-Japan Friendship Association

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Inspired by a humanitarian desire to raise the community’s awareness of and empathy with the efforts and struggle of PWD/AOS to overcome their challenging conditions and circumstances and help them do so, Ho Chi Minh City Peace and Development Foundation (HPDF) is promoting the Orange Initiative (OI).

In January 2017, in coordination with HCMC Run, a Ho Chi Minh City-based international running event, OI made it possible for a group of PWD/AOS to participate in a 2 km walk/run within the 5km run. Other support has been disbursed in the form of scholarships, bicycles, special allowances, repair for one rundown house and sponsorship for a wood-carving training class. A Grant Program to award two grants for individual/group/organization with a project in support of PWD/AOS is also in progress. One such grant is currently funding a literacy class for illiterate AOS children and youth in Cu Chi District, HCMC. It is planned, if resources permit, to identify one or two young members of the PWD/AOS community with high learning potential to receive multi-year support (“Journey Scholarship”) to complete a university degree or even higher.

The 2017 HCMC Run was a trial occasion to integrate the humanitarian dimension in support of PWD/AOS to a broad community activity. Building on this outcome, Olympic gold medalist Takahashi Naoko will join the 2018 HCMC Marathon and take part in OI activities with a group of Japanese runners.


Peace is the defining goal and value of the Ho Chi Minh City Peace Committee (HPC) and one of the two core directions for action of the Ho Chi Minh City Peace and Development Foundation (HPDF);For Viet Nam, a country which experienced war for long periods of time, peace is of most profound significance and value; For Viet Nam, a country which has only truly rebuilt itself over the past forty years, peace and development go hand in hand and are mutually enabling.

Today, peace requires not only national independence, territorial sovereignty, national defence and security, but also environmental sustainability, human security, social justice and harmony, and a humane lifestyle.

The twin impact of economic development and material wealth as well as international integration and the rapid advance of information technology poses a challenge to life values and interpersonal relationships in today’s Vietnamese society where there is an upsurge of different forms of violence, especially among the young.

In view of such reality and resulting awareness, HPDF and HPC undertake to launch the Peace Culture Promotion (PCP) 2017-2020 Program (Program). In her letter dated September 21st 2017 addressed to the President of HPDF, the Director General of UNESCO Mdm. Irina Bokova has stated UNESCO’s support for PCP and readiness to cooperate with HPDF on this Program.

Purpose, target audience and implementation

  1. The purpose of the Program is to foster proper awareness, attitude and behavior towards appreciation for peace, condemnation and elimination of violence and resolution of social and family disputes on the basis of rule of law and mutual respect, upholding a humane and cultured lifestyle.
  2. The main target audience is young people, especially students.
  3. Implementation:

3.1. The Program is to be implemented from 2017 to 2020.

3.2. Overall concept: To step by step build an annual program of activities on HCMC Peace Day (the Saturday before September 21) in celebration of World Peace Day.


Interpretation: Arts or Science?

On 4 August 2018, Ho Chi Minh City Peace and Development Foundation with support of Salon Saturday Coffee (Cà phê Thứ Bảy) hosts an exchange session named “Interpretation: Arts or Science?” to provide a platform for both professional and amateur interpreters to listen to empirical experience and useful sharing from Mr. Nguyễn Trọng Lâm, a leading expert in conference interpretation for international oranisations in Genève.

Moderated by Madam Tôn Nữ Thị Ninh, HPDF President, and Mr. Lương Văn Lý, Former Vice Director of Ho Chi Minh City Department of Planning and Investment, the exchange session discusses the following points in a friendly vibe with practical, thorough and specialized sharing about this career.

  • The need of accuracy and ethics in interpretation; and skills to adjust attitude and feeling in specific contexts
  • Different requirements and skills for consecutive and simultaneous interpretation
  • 03 advices for interpreters: focus, update vocabulary and practice note-taking
  • The role of an interpreter in the era of artificial intelligence and machine translation software, and potential threats of AI to interpreters.

Tọa Đàm về Thiện Nguyện Tại Việt Nam vào ngày 7 tháng 7 năm 2018 vừa qua tại Thành Phố Hồ Chí Minh được phối hợp tổ chức bởi Quỹ Hòa Bình và Phát Triển Thành Phố Hồ Chí Minh (HPDF) và Nhóm Thiện Nguyện Châu Á (Asia Philanthropy Circle – APC) với sự hỗ trợ của Trung tâm Hỗ trợ Phát triển Cộng đồng LIN – LIN Center trao đổi các vấn đề chính:

  • Sự khác biệt và bổ sung cho nhau giữa từ thiện và thiện nguyện:

Tuy công tác từ thiện cá nhân, nhóm, tổ chức đã có từ lâu và là một truyền thống của dân tộc nhưng ở giai đoạn phát triển hiện nay, đã đến lúc phải quan tâm đến “philanthropy”- thiện nguyện, làm việc thiện có định hướng. Định hướng về đối tác, nội dung mang tính chất lâu dài và có quan tâm đến tác dụng và tính hữu ích. Đã đến lúc Việt Nam xây dựng và phổ biến nhận thức chung về thiện nguyện chiến lược, phù hợp với mục tiêu phát triển bền vững của đất nước.

  • Vai trò cần có và sự quan tâm đầy đủ hơn của nhà nước
  • Phạm vi, nội dung và hình thức của công việc và hoạt động thiện nguyện (mục đích, đối tượng).

Tọa đàm đáp ứng nhu cầu về chia sẻ thông tin, trải nghiệm và kinh nghiệm của những người tham gia. Đồng thời nhận được sự đồng thuận về việc nên tiếp tục tổ chức và phát huy những hình thức chia sẻ tương tự về thiện nguyện. Ngoài ra, sự hợp tác đầy hứa hẹn giữa HPDF và APC nhằm góp phần thúc đẩy hoạt động thiện nguyện và tiếng nói của Việt Nam trong sáng kiến ASEAN Philanthropy Dialogue, với cuộc trao đổi đầu tiên giữa các quan chức cấp cao ASEAN và các nhà thiện nguyện khu vực để thảo luận các cách thức tạo thuận lợi cho hoạt động thiện thiện nguyện và tạo tác động tích cực trong khu vực được tổ chức vào ngày 21 tháng 3 năm 2018 tại Singapore. Sự kiện mang tính tiên phong cho các hoạt động trao đổi về thiện nguyện tại Việt Nam, chuẩn bị cho việc thúc đẩy nhận thức về thiện nguyện chiến lược khi Việt Nam nắm vai trò Chủ tịch ASEAN năm 2020.


18 – 22 March, 2018

To raise public awareness, especially among youth, about anti-war movements in the U.S. during America’s War in Viet Nam, and to foster appreciation for the value of present peace and commitment to safeguard peace for future generations, Ho Chi Minh City Peace and Development Foundation (HPDF) joined other organisations, including Ho Chi Minh City War Remnants Museum – a member of INMP, to hold a series of events on the theme of “Waging Peace” in HCMC (Viet Nam).

On March 18th, HPDF and Soul Music & Performing Arts Academy – SMPAA jointly organized the first public screening ever for the documentary “The Whistle Blower of My Lai” by American director Connie Field, which recounts the making of the My Lai opera, a powerful evocation of the tragedy of My Lai through the lens of Hugh Thompson, a junior officer who valiantly attempted to stop the carnage and steadfastly denounced the crime before public opinion.

On March 19th was held the opening of the special exhibition titled “Waging Peace: American Soldiers and Veterans who opposed America’s War in Viet Nam”, showcasing some 80 posters, photos, and newspaper articles on anti-war campaigns by U.S. soldiers and veterans. This exhibition provides a special opportunity for both Vietnamese and international visitors to learn more about the antiwar role by American people, soldiers and veterans during the US invasion war in Viet Nam, as well as veterans’ efforts to contribute to overcoming the consequences of war and to building and developing Viet Nam today.

On March 20th Vietnamese veterans and American counterparts from US-based Veterans for Peace (VFP) held a dialogue. In this meaningful meeting, former adversaries shared their wartime experiences and lessons derived, discussed the remaining legacies of the war, and considered how to support ongoing efforts to build long-lasting peace and friendship between the two nations. It is worth noting that a suggestion was made to alter the name of HCMC War Remnants Museum into HCMC War Remnants and Peace Museum to emphasize its positive future-oriented mission.

A fitting conclusion to the series was the meeting on March 22nd between civilian peace activists from the Fund for Reconciliation and Development (FFRD) and HPDF.

APEC Women Cultural Night

The Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) is the Asia-Pacific’s premier economic forum. Its primary goal is to support sustainable economic growth and prosperity in the Asia-Pacific region. One of the characteristics of modern economic development is women’s increasing engagements in business and creative industries, an ongoing trend in almost all APEC economies. Within the framework of the 2017 APEC summit hosted by Viet Nam in Da Nang, the Women and the Economy Forum will be organized by APEC in Hue in September 2017 with the theme “Enhancing Women’s Economic Inclusion and Empowerment in a Changing World”.

On the occasion of High-level Policy Dialogue on Women and the Economy and related meetings within the Forum, the HCMC Peace and Development Foundation together with Fashion4Freedom, a social enterprise, will organize a night featuring links between traditional culture and economic development as well as international integration of women in the Asia-Pacific region and the local identity of Thua Thien Hue traditional craftswomen.

This event is endorsed by MOLISA, host organization of 2017 APEC Women and the Economy Forum, và Thua Thien – Hue Province People’s Committee along with dedicated consultation and support of:

Mr. Nguyen Dac Xuan, a leading expert on Hue culture

Music group of Mr. Vo Que, Poet and Chairman of Ca Hue Club – Hue Culture Center

Dr. Thai Thi Kim Lan, Owner of the collection of traditional Hue ao dai

Ms. Ho Thi Hoang Anh, Culinarian

Designer Sy Hoang, Director of Ao Dai Museum

Hue Museum of Culture

Sustainable Uses of Mekong River Conference

Sustainable Uses of Mekong River Conference aims at providing a multi-dimensional, multi-perspective forum involving diverse stakeholders, with an open crosscutting approach incorporating national perspectives and regional vision. This approach will stress the pressing importance of promoting appropriate and timely awareness among all stakeholders of the imperative for intra-country and inter-riparian countries consultations and cooperation (among lower riparians as well as between lower and upper riparians). Being held at this time when salient issues of the Lower Mekong region come to the fore, the conference is also meant to be a practical, topical discussion where different ranges of latest understanding and reflection on the current and coming realities in the Mekong River region are shared among participants, facilitating the formation and consolidation of the common situational awareness and appropriate, timely responses.

In that spirit, the Conference wishes to attract a diverse multi-sectoral and multi-level particiation: local/international experts/professionals and researchers, officials, representatives from social/international organizations, representatives from business and media.

GMO Seminar

To help participants – and hopefully the wider public later on – gain a better understanding on genetically modified organism (GMO) in Viet Nam and its impacts on agricultural production, environment and the population amidst the expansionism of biotech giants in the country, Ho Chi Minh City Peace and Development Foundation (HPDF) in cooperation with Tri Viet Center for Social and Educational Studies organises the Roundtable on Genetically Modified Seeds in Viet Nam on August 13th, 2015 in HCMC.

The Roundtable is not engaged in intensive pointed scientific debate, but to create a platform for open discussion on key questions relating to the sustainability of genetically modified crops in Viet Nam, including:

  • Are genetically engineered crops an optimal solution to agricultural issues in Viet Nam?
  • Impacts of genetically modified crops in Viet Nam on food security, economic sovereignty, environment, and farmers’ lives
  • Monitor genetically modified crops and reserve biodiversity

Agricultural Nexus Conference

Together with a visit to two businesses in agriculture products manufacturing and export and an exchange session for teachers and students in Dong Thap province from 11 to 13 September 2014, the Roundtable aims at providing a multi-dimensional, multi-perspective approach to the problems while informing the public of the importance of agriculture – village – farmers as well as calling for public interest and appropriate long-term investment.