Brief Concept Note for Peace Culture Program (PCP)

I. Rationale

  1. Peace is the defining goal and value of the Ho Chi Minh City Peace Committee (HPC) and one of the two core directions for action of the Ho Chi Minh City Peace and Development Foundation (HPDF);
  2. For Viet Nam, a country which experienced war for long periods of time, peace is of most profound significance and value;
  3. For Viet Nam, a country which has only truly rebuilt itself over the past forty years, peace and development go hand in hand and are mutually enabling.
  4. Today, peace requires not only national independence, territorial sovereignty, national defence and security, but also environmental sustainability, human security, social justice and harmony, and a humane lifestyle.
  5. The twin impact of economic development and material wealth as well as international integration and the rapid advance of information technology poses a challenge to life values and interpersonal relationships in today’s Vietnamese society where there is an upsurge of different forms of violence, especially among the young.
  6. In view of such reality and resulting awareness, HPDF and HPC undertake to launch the Peace Culture Promotion (PCP) 2017-2020 Program (Program). In her letter dated September 21st 2017 addressed to the President of HPDF, the Director General of UNESCO Mdm. Irina Bokova has stated UNESCO’s support for PCP and readiness to cooperate with HPDF on this Program.

II. Purpose, target audience and implementation

  1. The purpose of the Program is to foster proper awareness, attitude and behavior towards appreciation for peace, condemnation and elimination of violence and resolution of social and family disputes on the basis of rule of law and mutual respect, upholding a humane and cultured lifestyle.
  2. The main target audience is young people, especially students.
  3. Implementation:

3.1. The Program is to be implemented from 2017 to 2020.

3.2. Overall concept: To step by step build an annual program of activities on HCMC Peace Day (the Saturday before September 21) in celebration of World Peace Day.

3.3. Different types of activities throughout the year to raise awareness and provide inspiration:

  • Events on HCMC Peace Day (16.09.2017 – 15.09.2018 – 21.09.2019 – 19.09.2020)
  • Information sessions and talks
  • Articles (calls on websites and Facebook)
  • Debates and talk shows (including on television and e-media)
  • Cultural and artistic activities (music, drawings, short plays, exhibitions, short videos, etc.)
  • Projects in coordination with some partners

3.4. Depending on the type of each activity, implementation will be in coordination with relevant individuals, groups, and organizations to create wider reach (e.g., War Remnants Museum, HCMC Students’ Association, HCMC Youth Federation, HCMC University of Social Sciences and Humanities, HCMC University of Culture, HCMC Open University, etc.). Some reputable and well-known figures will be invited to be ambassadors of the Program. Supporters of and advocates for the Program may be invited to join its network of “associates/partners”.

3.5. A contest will be held for the composition of a Peace Culture Theme song (in Vietnamese and English).

3.6. Continuation of the Orange Initiative in support of people with disabilities and survivors of Agent Orange (PWD/AOS) as a component throughout the Program.

III. Broad Content Orientation of the PCP

  1. Main themes of the peace culture
  • Introduction to UNESCO’s Programme of Action for a Culture of Peace and Non-violence
  • Peace culture through education
  • Peace culture through sustainable socio-economic development
  • Peace culture through respect for human rights and the realization of gender equality
  • Peace culture through broad democratic and media participation
  • Peace culture through promotion of understanding, tolerance and solidarity
  • Peace culture through the promotion of international peace and security
  • Peace culture through the promotion of cultural heritage and creativity
  • Peace culture through dialogue between cultures
  1. Some specific topics
  • The core values of peace culture
  • Violence in everyday life:
  • In family
  • At school
  • On the streets – in public spaces
  • Violence in the media and on social networks
  • The application of peace culture in debates
  • The application of peace culture in a multi-ethnic and multi-religious society