Women in the Industrial Revolution 4.0: Opportunities or Challenges?
Daring to experiment, daring to break through and take risks, women can definitely seize the opportunities and succeed in the digital age.This was shared by Madam Ton Nu Thi Ninh (Vice President of Vietnam Peace Committee) at the Womenwill Conference, organized by Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry HCMC and Google, on December 19th, 2017.


Challenges to face

The Industrial 4.0 revolution will introduce rapidly and complex change in all area from science, technology, economy, society, environment to people’s lives.

Women must not only be able to adapt in-time to change but also know how to be master of their own life: mode of thinking; ability to focus or command of see the big picture; especially deeper understanding and mastery of science and technology, technology contributes to women’s ownership of life and opens more opportunities for women, especially Vietnamese women.


However, the rise of women has also encountered many barriers, most of which stem from the idea of stability, lack of self-confidence, and ambition, more importantly, the problem of ensuring family and work life balance, which remains a major impediment for women.


What opportunities for women in the technological age?

The turning point for women is when they dare to innovate, and create.

The will to improve to learn and to persevere spirit; and thinking out of the box will be the stepping stone for women to develop themselves. Opportunities will come to women when they boldly advance ideas, experiment and dare to take risks.


Mr. Le Quoc Cuong, deputy director of the HCM City Department of Information and Communications, shared the same idea that more and more women are educated, capable and creative no less than to men. The ratio of women participating in business start-ups has also increased over the years, from 30% in 2012 to 32% in 2016.


As a speaker of Womenwill – a Google project, Madam Ton Nu Thi Ninh has provided inspiration to Vietnamese women to strive for self-development, thereby raising the awareness of gender equality as well as helping them maximize every opportunity to succeed.



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