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[WAGING PEACE] Documentary “The Whistle blower of My Lai” by Connie Field [12.04.18]

“The Whistle Blower of My Lai” is a music-themed documentary inspired by the massacre of My Lai by American soldiers on March 16, 1968. Coming of age during the period of the war in Viet Nam, four artists—David Harrington of the Kronos Quartet, composer Jonathan Berger, novelist Harriet Scott Chessman, and singer Rinde Eckert – created a new music opera about the tragedy of My Lai through the perspective of Warrant Officer Hugh Thompson, who was vilified as a disloyal outcast for much of his life because of his attempt at stopping the massacre and his refusal to remain silent about it. This documentary is an emotional echo for those who lived through it and a deeply moving experience for younger generations.

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