In the face of today’s global challenges of social inequality and division and of destructive lifestyles towards our common home, the Earth, we must choose understanding, respect, empathy, inclusiveness and well-informed responsible citizenship. HPDF commits to building up such societal awareness and engagement through its programmes and activities geared towards multi-stakeholder and cross-cutting approaches, and directed more particularly towards youth.

HPDF ‘s Core Values:

• Identity: Knowing who we are, where we belong

• Humanity: Upholding and acting on what makes us all part of humankind

• Understanding & Connecting: Connecting with others & the world through open and inquisitive minds

• Empathy & Action: If we feel and care, then we should act on it

• Heritage & Creativity: Organically embedding past & future, heritage & creativity

We strive for:

• A world of peace with nature and among humankind

• Vietnam’s all-around development for today and tomorrow

• A more equitable, inclusive and cultured society for all