This is not intended as an official, formal conference but as a multifaceted forum or space of mutual understanding, engagement, exchange, and cooperation among Vietnamese inside and outside the country. It will feature diverse activities (keynotes, debates, and panel discussions, fireside chats, life journey storytelling, engagement & networking spaces, AMA sessions), performances, and exhibits showcasing the broad and rich diversity of lifelong journeys and remarkable achievements by the Vietnamese within Viet Nam and across the world. In line with the goals and spirit of the VietNam the Moment initiative an empirical survey on VietNam Nation Brand and Viet Identity will be conducted prior to the Forum and preliminary results will be presented at the Forum. Another highlight of the Viet Nam Forum will be the launch of a virtual interactive global atlas of Vietnamese talent and expertise. A Viet Nam brand celebration/ launch party will be featured to close off this initial event.

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