HPDF believes that Viet Nam should strive for shared prosperity and inclusive development. Together with public policies to reduce social disparities philanthropy by the private sector, groups and individuals contribute to that goal. Today as Viet Nam’s economy grows and gradually matures, more and more startups explore social entrepreneurship as they look into the social and environmental impact of their business. Comparatively in the region the philanthropy and social entrepreneurship (PSE) ecosystem in Viet Nam is still in the fledgling stage. HPDF proposes to make together with other social stakeholders a modest but practical contribution to raising proper understanding and commitment to the development of Viet Nam’s PSE ecosystem. 


In July 2018 HPDF co-organized with Singapore-based APC (Asian Philanthropy Circle) a roundtable on Philanthropy in Viet Nam. In March 2019 HPDF continued together with APC to hold a conversation on Philanthropy and Entrepreneurship for social impact.


Currently, HPDF is teaming up with LIN Center for Community Development and a few other NPOs to start a PSE Newsletter aimed at sharing information and exchanging experiences and perspectives on PSE among members of the Vietnamese ecosystem. 

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